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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


How Does a Chick Kill an Arrogant Dick?

Dick doesn’t think I’m funny in the least. He keeps telling me that.
That only leads me to one conclusion...he’s an arrogant fuck (see below).
Yeah, he’s hysterical, sure, he’s going to get us spammed by Christian hate
groups because they are all out there Googling the coma (or comma...as he
says) woman’s name. (I didn’t want to put her name in again).

Arrogance: overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward perceived inferiors.

I’m not a big fan of arrogance. Nope, I could totally live without it forever.
I could live without the government’s arrogance in the case of this poor woman.
I mean, aren’t they in our lives enough as it is? What gives them the right
to have any say at all over if this woman lives or dies? Isn’t it arrogant
to use a dying woman for your own political gain?

I haven’t met Dick’s girlfriend yet...but she made the right choice last night.
Sleep over arrogant Dick...yeah...sometimes it comes down to that.

Disclaimer: Dick knows that I call him an arrogant prick...
in the most loving of ways.

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