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Monday, March 14, 2005


March Madness

Well, Dick's been prolific in his writing lately
(& he thought he had nothing to say).

Child custody, ex's, bowling balls, things that are pink,
current girlfriends, Yodels, movies...oh yeah...
the topics are eclectic & endless. Hell, he's even started
a few blogger courtships with some of the cool girlie friends
I've been getting to know in blogland. Good for you, Dick.

Anyone out there interested in March Madness?
It's the third year in a row I've joined a college basketball pool
(2 years ago I came in third place & won big bucks...which is pretty incredible...'cause my only knowledge on the subject comes from watching
the 2 hour ESPN preview show.) Anyone out there willing to help me out here
will earn my bottomless (maybe, endless is a better choice of words here?) gratitude.

Happy Monday...can I go home now?

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