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Monday, March 07, 2005


Mostly Dick

Two posts...in a row. I do believe that is a record
for the ever endearing, Dick. Yeah, I’ll change the
“mosty Chick” heading. I’ll change it to “mostly Dick”
when it happens to be true. But it ain’t true yet.
Don’t you agree?

Dick’s post on how we met was...unexpectedly sweet.
But that pretty much sums him up in a nutshell. Dick’s
the kind of guy who will say anything to anybody. He’s
the kind of guy you love or...totally don’t get.
Either you like his goofiness or you don’t. Obviously,
you know which side I’m on.

Yeah, Dick & I met at job years ago. We hit it off
right away. Like I said, Dick doesn’t hold much back
about his personality & either you dig that or you
don’t. I remember (foolishly) telling him that I liked
this other guy where we worked (Dick called him a big
goof in his post). Well, my birthday happened to be
coming up & the next thing you know, I get a huge
bouquet of flowers sent to me anonymously at work. I’m
not one to take anything for granted & I have no idea
who sent the flowers. Dick just laughed when I asked
him if he knew who they were from. Later in the day BG
(big goof) strolls past me with a shit eating grin on
his face asking how I liked the flowers. I mumbled
something about loving them & immediately went to find
Dick. I asked him if he had EVER said anything to BG
about the fact that I liked him (I think, officially, we
sunk back to grade school levels at this point).
Again, all Dick did was laugh uncontrollably.

I ended up dating BG for almost a year after that.
Not a great choice on my part...but Dick was no help.

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