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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


No Dick Killin' Today

I really don’t want Dick dead. I think something snapped in me yesterday.
I think it was one too many posts from Dick about killing wives.
Maybe, it hit me more personally than I thought. I went back & read
what I’d written & thought, damn, I WAS a bit harsh sounding, wasn’t I?
I chatted with Dick about it on the phone last night while driving home from
work. He was shocked & appalled (not really...but it sounded good).

My reaction yesterday reminds me of the time I punched my hubby with all my
might. I was sitting at my desk, writing out bills (yeah, we all just love paying
fucking bills, don’t we?)...so, needless to say, I was not enjoying myself...
then along comes hubby. He hit my elbow (too be funny?) & my pen went flying
off the paper. My first instinct was to punch him...HARD...in the arm.
He looked at me in a surprised way (I could tell he was thinking,
“um...yeah...that didn’t really hurt in the least...but...she wanted it to do some
damage”). I had surprised myself with the intensity my violent reaction.

So, a big, kissed filled sorry goes out to lovely, volunteering, vegetarian blogger
Dick...’cause as such of a Dick as he is...he’s still a good soul & I am glad he’s
actively blogging his (non existent) ass off lately.

* I’ll tell you what I think his best assets are sometime soon...
because some of you girlies out there want to know.

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