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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Regarding Slutfuck

Hubby & were trying to out run each other on parallel treadmills at his gym
this weekend. All of a sudden, this nice older man walked in & said to me,
“did you find your key?” I say back to him, “wha?”. I didn’t even get the ‘t’ out,
when Hubby says, "oh, that was my friend, Slutfuck”...(OK, that’s just what
I call her, you’d call her that too...if she kept calling your spouse
incessantly...even though you asked her to turn it down a notch).
Hubby scrambled out an, “this is my wife, Chick.” Nice older man (nom) said,
“Oops, sorry for the mistake, am I in trouble now?” “Nope,” I say, “but he is”
(pointing to Hubby, who finds none of this funny). Nom blurts out a,
“sorry, man” & walks away.

Yeah, I was kind of pissed that Hubby lied by omission about Slutfuck being
at the gym with him. He says that there’s nothing to tell regarding her
(hmmm...why is he ‘regarding her’ anyway?). This is an ongoing issue
in our marriage & I wish he would just put it all out there on the table
& be done with it...but that ain’t happening...yet.

What really freaked me out about the whole thing this weekend was...
being mistaken for Slutfuck. (Yeah, Nom was wearing THICK
glasses & was more or less legally blind...but still). Slutfuck is a good 5” taller
than me, she’s got dark hair & a ginormous ass. In my defense,
I was not looking my best. I had my hair stuffed under a baseball cap
& a sweatshirt tied around my waist.
Apparently, this made me look like a slutfuck ho with a 40 pound ass.

...not really the effect I was going for...

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