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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Shameless Flirting (Part 2)

About that shameless flirting...that I mentioned yesterday....
like I said, BG had kindly brought me to a party where I knew exactly
zero people...& left me almost immediately. He mumbled something
about going to the bar to get us a drink...then he saw is friend Shitpants
(I don’t think I caught his name) & started BSing with him...
without even an intro to the idiot bunny (me) standing next to
his Robin clad ass. Next thing I know, the tights wearing freak is gone.

I stood there for what seemed like hours. I considered all my options.
I could walk the ten or so miles home (in a bunny suit with a faulty trap door?).
I could call a cab & cry on the cabby’s shoulder about my insensitive boyfriend.
As I was thinking I’d take option number 2, I felt someone take my hand.
I instantly forgave BG...he hadn’t cruelly left me standing there at all...
but when I looked up into the face of the person whose hand I was holding,
it wasn’t BG. It was his older brother who I had previously met
for all of 3 or 4 minutes.

BG’s older brother was dressed as a cowboy. BG’s older brother looked gooood
as a cowboy. Maybe the fact that he was rescuing me from a night of distress
& gloom made him look even more attractive to me? Yep, that’s my theory
(& I’m sticking to it). My new cowboy cutie said that sometimes his brother
could be a bit of an asshole. When I didn’t disagree, he went on to tell
me some embarrassing stories about BG’s childhood. I was delighted.
Make fun of the person causing me pain...just when I need it...& I’ll love you
forever. I started having a great time. It certainly didn’t hurt that the cowboy
kept my glass full.

By the time BG graced us with his presence, about an hour & a half had slid by.
He found us in a corner booth laughing too loud & pounding the table
(I still can’t explain that).

BG didn’t look pleased. This made him angry?! He would have preferred
that I sit at the bar & be miserable & alone...he did not want me to have
a rip roaring good time with his brother? It still makes me want to smack him!
At the time, I didn’t smack him...I pinched his tights (remember? he was
dressed as Robin). I pulled his tights out & let them SMACK back into his skin.
Cowboy & I laughed till our ribs hurt & BG sulked away
...which of course made it all the more...well...funny.

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