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Friday, March 25, 2005



What word or words do you just love?

Spumoni...just say it & you'll know why.

What word or words make you want to tear your hair
& run up and down the street with your fingers in your ears going

Nude. Oh, how I hate this word. Nude. It’s a lecherous, leering word
& I mean that in a bad (hey, that’s your sister, you shouldn’t be thinking
about doing those things to her) kind of way.

What words do people commonly misuse that make you mad/crazy?

Irregardless (not even a word!)

What's the prettiest word you know?

Lovely. As in, isn’t Dick lovely in his new silk panties?!

What word sounds like what it means?

Cunnilungus. Don’t you agree? It just...does.

After all, 2005 has been officially chosen to honor the ancient practice,
according to The Love Goddess, Theresa...& we thank her for that.

What words soothe you?
Silk, velvet, tangerine (?!), sigh, soft, shiver, moan...

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