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Thursday, March 10, 2005



Sorry, but Dick just doesn’t get it. That first sentence of your last post proves
that. Rape?! That is definitely NOT hot. No, not in any way. Maybe, he
didn’t see the movie? I don’t want to get on my high horse and talk about that
subject...so I won’t. In the movie, he did not rape her...that wouldn’t have been
hot in any way. He used persuasion to get her over her hesitation, because he
knew she wanted to be there...that’s one of the reasons it was so hot. He kind of
knew what she wanted (of course he wanted it too...goes without saying)
before she did.

Dick started talking about Yodels...& I thought he was headed for The Swiss
Alps. I really thought he was talking about yodeling (I’m still laughing).
I thought he had some strange fondness for yodeling, that it somehow made
him feel better. OK, I get the connection of chocolate & sex...I totally do...but
what’s the connection with crappy junk food ( Yodels?!) & sex...that connection
I do not get. Who, in their right mind, would compare sex to 20 pieces of
chocolate covered crap?...Not me.

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