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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


ABC meme

  • Accent - Pompous, overeducated, Eastern Seaboard sounding accent...except when I use my Peewee Herman voice.

  • Bra size - I’m not sure. I have to get Tiffany at Victoria’s Secret (you know, the one in the mall, by the Cinnabon) to measure me again.

  • Chore I hate - hovering

  • Dad's name - James the Great.

  • Essential make-up - Lipstick

  • Favorite perfume - Clean

  • Gold or Silver - Neither, I don’t look good in metallics.

  • Hometown - A small big ten college town, where the school’s mascot
    is nicknamed Brutus.

  • Interesting fact - Duck’s quacks don’t echo...no one knows why.

  • Job title - Queen of all that I see...

  • Kids - Do husbands...or friends named Dick count...at all?

  • Living arrangements - Estate house with an electric gate & a butler named Quincy.

  • Mom's Birthplace - A very Italian section of Brooklyn...
    I still have some very large cousins there...so don’t mess with me.

  • Number of apples eaten in the last week - 7...an apple a day, literally.

  • Overnight hospital stays - a couple for falls, once, when Dick pushed me...
    he still thinks it’s funny.

  • Phobia - Spiders, falling elevators, Dicks with ugly shoes.

  • Question you ask yourself a lot - Are we there yet?

  • Religious affiliation - Raised Catholic...but I now search
    for all the best the other religions have to offer.

  • Siblings - 3

  • Time I wake up - 8ish...or when the cock crows 3 times.

  • Unnatural hair color - Magenta

  • Vegetable I refuse to eat - I’ll eat ANYTHING green.

  • Worst habit - Being late.

  • X-rays - A bunch...the last one was an ass x-ray...to see if
    I fell hard enough on my butt to break my tailbone again (I didn’t).

  • Yummy food I make - The best chocolate cake EVER!

  • Zodiac sign - Cancer (I’m fiercely protective of the one’s I love...just know that).

  • Stolen from Here. So...I'm not to blame for any...lameness...today...anyway...

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