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Monday, April 11, 2005


April Showers

Sunday morning, 11:00 AM.

I turn on the shower, let the hot water run for a bit...then climb in.
I’m just starting to wash my hair, when I faintly hear my name being called.

"Hey Chick?"

"I’m in the shower."

"Oh, OK."

I hear footsteps coming up the steps & all of a sudden, my sister in law
is in the bathroom with me, closing the toilet seat, sitting down & making
herself comfy.

I really don’t mind visitors. But...I have to tell you...I was a little less than
comfortable with sis in law watching me shower. I have glass doors on my
shower...so...there was no hiding to be done. I’m not uptight about
nakedness...really..I’m not. But I’m usually surprised when it’s dealt with in
such a casual way. She just kept chatting with me...like I wasn’t incredibly
exposed & vulnerable (& nekid!). She went on, & on about...hell...I don’t even
know what the fuck she was saying...all I kept thinking was
...she’s seeing my boobies, did I shave my other leg?...she’s still NOT leaving!

My sis in law is the kind of person, who chats constantly. We run together from
time to time...rather, I run & she yammers. I have a hard enough time keeping
up with her pace while just trying to breathe...while she increases her speed
& talks circles around me. I don’t know how she does it.

There she sat, happily chatting to me about nothing...she even handed me
my towel...never breaking babble stride at all.

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