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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Dress Me

I had the hardest time getting dressed this morning.
This hardly ever happens to me. Usually, by the time
I'm out of the shower, divine inspiration has spoken to me &
presto chango...I got myself an outfit.

Today, I put on my new black stripey skirt that looked oh-so-good in
the store's dressing room. On me this morning, it wasn't looking too
good. It just wasn't hanging right...(it could have been me, I've felt
crooked all day). Off came the skirt...on went my favorite black dressy
pants (better). Now the search was on for the perfect top. I was in a
black & white (no nonsense, cut the shit) kind of mood...so on went a
straightforward white sleeveless top. This worked out well, except for the
fact that my black bra was now showing through the pristine white of the
top (it looked like my attempt at 80's Madonna-wear...gone business

The search was on for the perfect bra...because...you know...sometimes
a white bra is too white & shows blatantly through the shirt & sometimes
cream is almost as bad as black...depends on the exact white of the
shirt...holy shit...are all women this insane when it comes to things like
this? Yeah, at this point, maybe going back to bed was my best option.

...But I followed through & came up with a Body By Victoria
seamless flesh colored bra. It still had the tags on it. I must have shoved it to
the back of my underwear drawer, where it remained forgotten till
today. This did the trick becoming undetectable under my top.

Next came the black cropped jacket (because it still ain't spring-like
here & it's cold). My black mules & black thigh highs were screaming at
me from the closet, they came to me & were in place in a flash.

I was satisfied with myself until I had to walk way too far to my
office in shoes that simply were not meant to be walked in at all.

My question to anyone out there who advocates dressing for anything
other than comfort (you know who you are, you thong wearers, you) is, how do
you walk in these?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I can walk in heels...but mules?! I find myself
dragging my feet & that just looks silly.

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