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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Naked Week...Anyone?

For two days in a row, someone called my name...
& then there was nudity...strange, huh?

Yesterday, I ran down to the gym at work in the afternoon.
I don’t usually have that much time...so I really did run down there.
I plowed my way directly into the locker room. I had my shoes off in a flash
& was just lifting my top over my head when I heard a man’s voice say,

“Wait, we’re in here fixing the shower.”

& all of a sudden, I see Joe from Engineering Services, sticking his face around
the corner...eyeballing me. Then, I see Wendy (the skinny gym bitch)
running at me screaming,

“Chick! I forgot to put the closed sign on the locker room door...
don’t get undressed!”

Gee, Bitch, couldn’t you have been a little bit quicker & saved me
the embarrassment of standing in front of Joe, the 300 pound
maintenance worker...in my bra?

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