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Thursday, April 14, 2005


One More for Naked Week

Thankfully, this next naked story does not star me.

This story involves a beach & a baby.
A couple of summers ago, my sisters & I shared a beach house.
One sister is older than me, the other is younger. My older sis, E
is an uncomplaining earth mama type. My younger sis, B
is a crabby bitch type. I love them both completely.

We had just come off the beach after a long beautiful day in the sun.
E’s son J was a year old & covered in sand, he looked like he’d been breaded
with sand & deep fried. E decided to jump in the outside shower
that was on the side of the house. They took a joint shower & when she
was finished cleaning J up, she shouted for one of us to please come & take
the baby from her so that she could wash her hair. B & I were on the patio
having cocktails nearby. B got up from her chair & went over to the shower.
E opened the door...but the damn thing must have been spring loaded...’cause
it shot all the way open with a bag. B instantly collapsed in an uncontrollable
fit of hysterics & split seconds later...I did the same. We giggled till we couldn’t
take it anymore...we couldn’t breath & our ribs were starting to hurt.

There stood E, frozen in horror...both arms straight out in front of her,
holding baby J out like she was about to hand off a pass.
She was stark ass naked & being gawked at by her two sisters
& a family of four who happened to be walking by on their way
home from the beach.

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