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Friday, April 22, 2005


Thanks for calling me back, Dick

On the way home from work yesterday, I called Dick.
The message I left sounded something like,

“OK, I totally get the fact that you don’t love me anymore...
but call me back anyway.”

We hadn’t spoken in about a week (you’d think he’d call a chick...
every now & then...alright...I’m over it now).

Dick called me back in about 10 minutes (he’s usually cool like that).
We talked for about 40 minutes. The conversation rolled around till it hit
a wall when the subject of relationships reared it’s buttfucking ugly ass head.
He was having issues with his girlfriend, POD Woman...but I’ll let him tell
you about it without putting my spin on the whole fabulous deal.
(I have a feeling that he hates when I write about his shit...can’t say I blame
him...actually...it’s less fun this way...but we’re all here to make Dick happy,
aren’t we?) That wasn’t a dig, Dick...I meant that.

By what he was telling me, it sounded like his gf was taking him for granted
in some ways. Dick was loading on the sweet cards & buying the chick flowers
all the time & she was giving him half assed thanks, then going about her day.
Now, I’m not advocating playing games...or any nonsense like that (because
that’s against this chick’s code of truthfulness, kindness & honesty...& that would be wrong). What I am suggesting is, do like my prick (I mean loving
& warm) husband. Hold back with the good stuff. Make the girl wonder a bit.
Make her work for it, baby (shoveling shit or mulch comes to mind).
If she expects grand gestures everyday...maybe she’s likely to take them
for granted...not that I would...I’m just saying. Kayten brought up this point
in comments (“ he may come to expect it rather than to appreciate it”)
& it really made me think. She's definitely got a point there.

I knew this blogging experience would end up amusing me to no end...
but I didn’t expect it to give me so much insight into the heart of things
as much as it has (thanks a fucking lot...to all you thought inspirers
out there...I love you all)...wait...I take that back...don’t want you taking me
for granted...because you would...wouldn’t you?

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