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Friday, April 01, 2005



I'm working from home today & I am:
Obsessed with: Reading (Moneyball & American Photo),
rotisserie baseball, licking the cowboy cleft in my hubby's chin
(he's not home...so that will have to wait), chocolate cake
(want a great recipe?...just ask me), bitchy women & these shoes.
Elated over: My friend Randie's new baby (beautiful baby...too bad
she's saddled with a stripper's name), potential vacation plans in California
& my new eyelash curler.
Less than delighted by: Dick (the butt fucker), who wanted to make me cry
(see yesterday's comments...his philosophy...if he's got nothing to write
...a crying Chick is always funny...do I see a pattern emerging here?)
& that damn annoying twitch in my left eye.

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