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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Who Knew?

Who knew that helping your husband with backbreaking work outside
would make him have a newfound looove & affection for me? Who knew?
Really...who? 'Cuz if anyone out there knew this to be true...& held out
on me...didn't want to share this little morsel of information with moi
for some reason...I'll hunt you down like an animal...just to thank you
for NOT sharing. If I had known that a little sweat equity was all I needed
to get my husband to appreciate the fine chick he married...I'd have
gotten my ass outside & shoveled shit (ok, mulch) a long fucking
time ago.

2 days of intense physical work has somehow made me more attractive
to my weird ass husband.I lost track of how many times he's thanked me
& told me he loves me. He wrote me e-mails telling me that I was
a tough (insert cute nickname here..."cuz I ain't telling you
what it is) girl.

I came home last night to wild flowers, wine & dinner being cooked for
me. Let me just tell you, this is NOT a common occurance in The Chick
Household. Would I appreciate it so much if shit like this went on
everyday at mi casa? Probably not...hell, I'd probably become a spoiled
bitch princess if I was treated like the royalty that I am EVERY day).
I still had to clean up...so don't envy me so...

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