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Tuesday, July 26, 2005



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Ok...better late than never. Here are some more photos of last weekend's trip to Philly. We traveled with lots of family members. When we got to the hotel on Saturday morning, there was a large group of loud people in the lobby. Looking more closely...I discovered that they were my people (siblings, nieces, nephews, parents, & cousins). We kind of overtook the place (it felt good).

Off we went to see The Phillies play The Padres. The ball park is only a couple of years old & it's worth a visit. The game was tied with no score until the middle of the 4th inning. It ended with a score of 2-0...not terribly exciting baseball...at least I had a fantasy player in the line-up...so I had something to root for (Brian Giles-right fielder for The Padres...he hit .333 that week).

After the game...it was a short train ride to Dave & Busters. I'd never been to a D&B before...so it was an experience. This one is in a huge old warehouse on a pier. this is the kind of place that gets you coming AND going...drinks, dinner, 1,000 games...I have no idea how much cash flowed by the time the night was over...plus...there was Clay...the cute, young, attentive waiter who worked his arse off for his ginormous tip.

The next day was spent walking around the city, poking down side streets, dragging Hubby to yet another art show & finally making our sweet way to South Street. I love this place. The street is full of bars, odd shops (you can find everything from musical, vibrating condoms to stained glass to funky, funky clothes).

We stopped for a cheesesteak at Jim's. Holy fucking crap...are these good. The line is usually around the block...but it's worth the wait. I have never, ever had a better cheesesteak in my entire life...ever. It's the kind of thing you savor & think about fondly later.

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Here are two of my cutie-pie...& oh so silly nieces...keeping track of them on the train was entertaining. One ran off the train as the doors were closing...& it wasn't our stop...I grabbed her just before she was spit in two by the doors...we laughed about it (hey, nobody lost a limb) & she promised not to tell her mother (good kid that she is).

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