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Monday, July 25, 2005



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Happy Monday.
I had a nice weekend...did you?
I had lots of pics to share...
I downloaded them from my camera to a zip disk
& it's sitting on the center island in my kitchen right now
(right next to my shopping list...which I also forgot).
I'll spend the rest of the day being pissed at myself for blanking out
this morning. I had so many things to bring to work with me today
(cell phone...is it charged? pocket book, gym bag...where is my favorite T-shirt?
lunch, snack, water, important paperwork that lay ignored on the kitchen table
all weekend)...I ran out of hands (I just hate when that happens)...
& I never made that all important second trip back to the house to get
the remainder of my stuff.

Anyway, tomorrow, hopefully, barring unforeseen circumstances...
I'll have pics from my weekend in Philly.

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