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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Beach Boobs

I spent the week at the beach with both my extended family & part of Hubby’s family. My sisters & I rented a giant house on the beach (by sisters...what I really mean is...sisters, husbands & various children...I mean the same damn thing in regards to Hubby’s family).

The week was spent going from our rented house to theirs. I also had some cousins staying nearby as well. This is one of the joys of coming from a large...sorta close knit family (always someone to hang with).

So, there I was...going from one group to the next...constantly. I couldn’t help but laugh...I’d go from my kinda curvy sisters...then spend some time with my less endowed sisters-in-law. I felt like I’d go from the land of boobies to...a place where the view of the world was still flat. Funny thing was...my sisters & I tend to be more modest in our choices of bathing suits. I lean toward bathing suits that are simple. Don’t get me wrong, I want them to look good...but I’m not a big fan of suits that are not functional. I’d be mortified if a boob pooped out during a game of volleyball or during a swim in the ocean (this year I chose a stunning 2 piece boob squasher).

My sisters in law...on the other hand...didn’t seem to care that they were wearing suits that left them half nekkid. I’d be less modest...I really would be...but...I’m just not that into being whole or even half nekkid IN FRONT OF FAMILY...that’s all I’m saying...

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