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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


My HOT List

Stole this from Blazngfyre...I couldn't help myself...

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"Your mission if you choose to accept it: You have to sleep with 10 celebrities, 5 male and 5 female, I don't know why, maybe your life depends on it, maybe you just enjoy swinging both ways. Fact is you do. Pick them and tell me who and why. "

Ladies First...

1. Angelina Jolie - While I'm not into the whole...super human...lip thing...you just know that she'd be good in bed...ready to try anything.

2. Rachel Weisz - She's got the most lovely, interesting face. She's timelessly beautiful. Without question... she will still be stunning at 80.

3. Vanessa Williams - Any Miss America who can end up having such a great career...after getting dethroned...is A-OK by me...& have you seen her eyes?

4. Sarah Jessica Parker - The girl from Square Pegs has come a long way...in my book...that crazy curly hair, those legs, that stomach, those breasts...those shoes...besides...she married Ferris Bueller...how cool is that?

5. Dolores O'Riordan - I've always loved The Cranberries music & after seeing them live in an outdoor concert last year...I am now captivated by this woman who dances barefoot in tulle skirts & absolutely, hauntingly...owns the stage.


1. Brad Pitt - The most obvious...is first on the list. This man is not so much...good looking...he's beautiful. He drew me in...in Thelma & Louise...& by the time I watched A River Runs Though It...I was gone.

2. Denis Leary - He's so...unclassically good looking...but it's his sense of humor that brings me right over the edge.

3. Bruce Campbell - He's classically good looking...but doesn't take himself OR his B-movie career seriously in the least.

4. Colin Firth - Have you seen Pride & Prejudice or even Love Actually? The man simmers...slowly.

5. Patrick Dempsey - Another geek...turned hottie. He is the only reason I ever watch that silly medical show he's in...the only reason.

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