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Friday, September 02, 2005


Not at MY House

I just found out that dear ol' Hubby invited people to our house for a
BBQ tomorrow. To be fair...he asked me earlier in the week if I wanted
to have some people over this weekend. I said I was game (did I think
to question who...some people actually were?...um...no).

As it turns out...the some people in question is Hubby's friend Dan
from work. The package deal is...Dan, his wife Mary & their 2 little
girls. He also invited another couple who we know very well. They know Dan &
Mary too. They'll be the buffer couple in this little scenario. Why,
you ask, why...is there a need for a buffer couple? As an answer, I'll
offer you this:

A couple of months ago...we get invited to Dan & Mary's house for
dinner. I'd never met either of them & thought...well, isn't that
nice...I'll make a cake & we will happily go. We arrive at their doorstep, Hubby
graciously introduces me to Dan, we chat & get the home & gardens tour.
Lovely...I say as I'm whisked from room to room. We head downstairs &
Dan introduces us to his wife Mary. Hellos are exchanged, then the
doorbell rings. The same buffer couple (they'll be at our house tomorrow)
shows up & needs a tour. That leaves Hubby & I standing in the kitchen
with Mary. Mary is a blur of energy as she moves around the kitchen
fussing with food. I look at Hubby, he looks at me. Finally I say, Mary, can
I help you? She says...no. That was it...just...no. I look back at
Hubby, he looks back at me...& there we stand...feeling like two
idiots...just friggin standing there.

We head over to the family room that's open from the kitchen...Sponge
Bob is on...but their kids are outside. We awkwardly sit on the couch &
watch Sponge Bob laugh about farts...what choice did we have? It felt
like hours...HOURS...I tell you...until Dan & the other couple FINALLY
came back downstairs & broke the tension.

I have to tell you...I'm a much better hostess than that...if I see
someone begin to wither away & almost die in my house...I spring into
action & do whatever it takes to make them feel all fuzzy & warm
inside...because...damn it...it's my party...& you're gonna have fun...even if it
kills you (that's the only form of acceptable dying allowed at my

I'll let you know how it goes...

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