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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Street Wear?

Doesn't this outfit make you wonder where this plastic hoochie mama is headed?

The head thing...looks sort of flapperish to me (pearls dripping from your head...I'd have never come up with that).

The bright pink sequined top looks like a male figure skater could pull that off quite nicely...can't you just see (insert a male skater's name here...'cuz I'm at a loss)...whatever his name is...doing an awesome sitspin in this top?

The skirt? I'll give her a pass on the flimsy skirt because I see them everywhere...recently I saw a gaggle of teenie boppers wearing them with cowboy boots...they looked cute...but I'd save the boots till it drops below 80 friggin degrees...but that's just me.

The belt...you likee? Does it look a bit heavyweightchampionoftheworld to you?

I'm not totally sure...but I think those 2 for $5.00 plastic shoes on the table would just be the perfect compliment for this smashing outfit.

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