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Friday, September 09, 2005


Thursday Night Fun

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I went out with an old friend last night. Why do some of the friends that you make while your still a teenager, turn out to stay closest to your heart?

Last time I got together with PD we did lunch, this time it was drinks & dinner. We met at a bar...he was already there...I was running late (no surprise there)...I wasn't THAT rude about it...I called to tell him I was going to be late.

PD: Oh, your going to be late? (the whole eye rolling vibe came right through the phone & hit me in the head).

Me: Yes, sorry...my deadlines got changes & blah.blah,blah...

PD: That's ok...I'll just have a drink at the bar.

Me: No, it's not ok...& I really am sorry...

PD: You're right, you inconsiderate little twit...

Me: That's better, see you soon...

PD is so cool, our conversation last night had to do with Zen, methodology. spiritualism & masturbation...not necessarily one thing relating to another. I know with some certainty that a conversation like this would never have ever happened with Hubby (we'd have lost him on methodology...he'd get that glazed over look).

It's nice to have people who'll indulge your slightly odd...or unique...(yeah...that sounds better) parts of your personality...& you can do the same for them.

PD usually send me a nice e-mail after we've gotten together, here's what he sent me today:

I had a wonderful time seeing you again. It always
goes by too fast. Let's get together again soon.

p.s. Don't know name for our group, but some themes from
the marketing literature (He thought we should start a masturbation
group...or something...odd...I know...told ya):

- Get in touch with yourself
- Learning to love yourself
- Get a hold of yourself
- Get a handle on it
- What grabs you
- Sensuality training
- Manual introspection
- Spelunking for pleasure
- Hands across a l*bia

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