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Friday, October 14, 2005


Shit With a Bow...

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Comments? What are you going to do? It’s funny, I’ve gotten a few lately that just floored me...ok...not really floored...but I liked how the word fit into that sentence.

One in particular...made me step back & really look at what I’m doing here. Something about...who knew that Chick was normal? (When I was blathering on & on about being stressed...or some such thing). I’m a big fan of the one who wrote it (really...she kicks ass)...so, I thought...hmm...is she saying that I usually only write superficial crap here? Do I try to wrap the shit I write here with a bow & tie it all up in a pretty package? (shit with a bow...is still shit)...maybe I should write about some ugly stuff about me here...maybe that would paint a more accurate picture of who I am.,...& what the fuck I’m doing here in the first place?

Want to know that I’m late a lot or that I have a big ol’ zit on my face from eating chocolate (& the chocolate went straight to my large ass)? Want to know about the fight I had with Hubby last night...that was probably my fault...but I didn’t admit defeat? Want to know why I lay awake sometimes & can not fall asleep (several reasons...maybe you don’t care...& maybe I won’t tell you either).

Anyway, comments are one of my favorite things about having a blog...so keep it up...punch me in the gut...I need that sometimes...feel free to say honest things here...K? Write me something here today...anything at all...just know that there will be more of the same asinine crap (from me) to read in the near future.

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