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Saturday, October 01, 2005


To Be Looooved...

I'm soo very lucky to be headed up to Boston this weekend...we have
tickets for the very last game of the season. I can hardly stand the pain!

Hubby told his friend (a big yankee fan) that he had tix & the friend
wanted to know who Hubby was taking to the game:

Friend: So...you're taking the little missus to the game, huh?

Hubby: Yep (he better say that seeing as I got him the
tix in the first place).

Friend: So...will she be home later?

Hubby: I think so, why?

Friend: Because I am going to break in, poison her & take her

Hubby: I'll make sure to leave the door open...

It's so nice to be looooved...

Go Sox!

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