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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Torture Continues

I still have no answer. Can you believe that? I certainly can't.

Hubby is STILL waiting for an answer as to whether he can lick Mr. X's face as a thank you for giving him the job. See, he knows Mr. X intimately now...he's dined with the man & his Midwestern wife (go Corn Huskers...yep...I can kiss some Nebraskan ass, if I have to).... He's chatted politely with him in countless interviews. He's put him through e-mail questionnaires, phone interviews, smackdown wrestling interviews & anal exam interviews (yeah...he wants the job THAT much).

I would have SAID something to the man when he nonchalantly said...I'll let you know on Monday.

I would have said...PROMISE?!  Pinky swear that you will? Damn, man...shit or get off the pot already! My aim would not have been to be...indelicate...but COME ON ALREADY!


I watched most of the game last night. I noticed all those annoying people with thunder sticks in the crowd. Don't know what they are? I didn't either...they're those plastic, blow up looking sticks that fans clap together to make noise.

Me: If I was sitting there in the stadium...& the guy in front of me started banging those things together & blocking my view...I'd jam them up his anus.

Hubby: Why can't you just say...you'd shove them up his ass?

Me: Huh?

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