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Friday, November 18, 2005


Arty Art

A friend of mine is having an exhibit of her work tomorrow. If I had any guts at all...I'd post the announcement...& let you know where it is...& see if one or two of you show up...& meet you there.

My friend F is truly an artist. Her whole life is lived creatively. When she had no money to furnish her house, she went to Ikea & bought some cheap, unpainted furniture & painted it the most funky colors you could imagine...oranges, yellows, purples...it looks great with her artwork on the walls. She pisses me off too...makes me feel like a lazy bum & that I should get up off my ass...& just get to it...already...damn her. Is that what friends are for?

But alas, as you can see...I wimped out & didn't post the locale...what a yellow belly, fraidy cat I am...today.

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