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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The Big P

Yeah...I suppose every Blogger has written about procrastination at one time or another. I've been meaning to do it for a while now (you can put off laughing at my lameness...for now).

I've got one thousand-seven-hundred-&-thirty-two things I have to do today. Should I get the rope out? Tie you to a chair? MAKE you listen to them all? Oh, you'd be sooo very pissed. The list is going to be long & boring. At the top of the list is clean the rest of the house & you know...make it festive for Thanksgiving. I'm hosting, cooking & trying to make it all look effortless (yeah right). Hubby wants to always have Thanksgiving at our house. It's his fav. holiday (on account of the football, gluttony & general lack of finding the need to get off his arse (did I spell it right?).

I have today & the first half of tomorrow to food shop, clean everything (because I can't ever clean well enough when Mom is coming...when I was a kid...she'd ask me to clean my room...most parents would be happy if their kid made an effort...you know...pick the clothes up off the floor...stay off of drugs...don't let that boy touch you there...wait...back to the cleaning...but my mom used to check for dust by running her fingers over my furniture with white gloves on...a little psychotic? I'm thinking, yeah)...not to mention having to actually cook the damn meal.

OK...who out there does not use Blogging as a major form of procrastination? (Oooh...a link to click on to further put off the pain of doing what I'm supposed to be doing...).

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