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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Does it Suck?

Well...Hubby FINALLY called about that job (no puppeteering necessary). He called on Thursday, left a voice mail & ultimately got a call back on Friday. Mr. X. left a particularly winded message about Hubby needing more management experience (something about not being familiar with a specific data-driven approach & methodology for eliminating defects (driving towards six standard deviations between the mean & the nearest specification limit) in any process...from manufacturing to transactional & from product to service... blah, blah, blah...what the?!) I think he'd buy into this insulting, dehumanizing, zero defect crap...if he got paid to...stupid, stupid Mr. X...I hope your karma GETS you! & we actually let him buy us dinner...we broke friggin bread with you...& then...nothing?! That sucks in a big & yucky tasting way...doesn't it?


Also, someone just told me I looked beat & tired today. What can you say to that? Is the only acceptable answer a quick & sudden blow to the knees? Hell, that would have made me feel better & maybe proven that I wasn't too tired after all.

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