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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Friday Night

I wrote this post on Friday night. Want to know why I was home on a Friday night writing this? It's not that interesting...I'm actually boring myself at the moment (while I'm writing this). So if you walk away in dismay...I'll understand without question.

Here goes nothing (literally). I had the good fortune to work from home all day on Friday. It was a day long party of pajama wearing while being chained to my computer & the fun didn't stop there...I found the time to clean out exactly one quarter of my closet (you should have seen some of the cruel things I found in there...really...what was I thinking when I bought a pair of flared out capri pants complete with cuffs?...Was I going for the whole...fat legged-midget look again?...Was I?).

I ended up taking a shower late in the day & putting on clean pj's at 7 PM. Did that seal my staying home fate? By the time Hubby barged his way through the door (I only say barged 'cuz I'd been at home alone all day with my trusty cat & our solitude was broken the exact minute he slammed the door open) he found me violently chopping the life out of the last of the garden's basil (hands down...one of the best smells in the world...am I alone in loving it?) The pj/basil thing must have thrown him 'cuz he just stood there with a blank look on his face. I gave him my best...what's your problem, asshole...face & he disappeared upstairs. Ain't love grande?

Hubby bounded down the stairs like a puppy dog...in his sweats...with such happiness because it looked like I wasn't going to try to drag his...I just want to stay home once in a while...ass anywhere that he did not want to go.

I stuffed him with pesto (I actually did a bang up job making it...sometimes it comes out a little bit dry...but not this time) & pasta & was promptly rewarded by the sound of snoring coming from my favorite overstuffed chair & it was all of NINE THIRTY.

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