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Friday, November 04, 2005



I got in the elevator at work yesterday...two girls got in before me. They were chatting...but went to opposite sides of the elevator...forcing moi to get in the middle of their little world. I was coming up from the gym at work & they were coming in from being outside to smoke. They must have spied my gym back...because:

Girl One: We should stop smoking & start walking...

Girl Two: Yeah...but I'd have to start wearing more practical shoes (as she holds up her foot & shows off her giant clunky heels).

Girl One: I wore my ugly practical shoes today (she held up her ugly loafer looking grandma shoes).

Chick: Oh, I've got you beat in the ugly, practical shoe department (I thrust my foot into the middle of the elevator for them both to see...I was wearing a skirt with these shoes...I love 'em...but my bitchy sis tells me they are out of fashion & UGLY).

They looked at me blankly for two whole floors & left the elevator.

What?!?! They sort of pushed me into their conversation by making me stand in the middle...then they didn't want my idiotic input?!

That's the last time I try to be hepful (yeah...I spelled that wrong on purpose...don't you start looking at me funny too)

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