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Friday, December 02, 2005


Day Off

I have the day off today. How glorious to have a whole day laid out before me. Of course I have a TO DO list the size of Connecticut...all things I'm aiming to get done. There's the usual laundry, cleaning, screw the mail man...ok...I threw that last one in just to liven up the list (my mailman is actually on the old side & I secretly think he steals my magazines & gives me the wrong mail on purpose...all part of some evil plot to get me to stop reading trash & go meet my neighbors).

I also have massive amounts of Christmas shopping yet to do. My nieces want pocketbooks, Hubby wants satellite radio (which one is better for sports...XM or Sirius...can anyone help me out here?) & I am on a hunt to find these very shoes...or something like them.

I found them online...but alas, they did not come in my size. Should I be out there shopping for you today? What should I be searching for? I want an iPod (hint, hint) in case you were wondering.

Before I start any of this...it's off to the library for me...I feel a need to feed my inner geek. I was going to list all the badass books I want here...but really...I'll spare you for now.

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