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Monday, December 05, 2005



Happy Monday. I am lucky enough to have a three day weekend behind me & one coming up as well. My day off Friday was spent almost finishing up my Christmas shopping & searching for those damn shoes. I actually found them in both Macy's & Bloomingdales. I was thrilled until I'd ask the salesgirl for a size 5...both times she'd check in the back & both times they came back empty handed. The salesgirl in Bloomies was tall & blond with legs up to here...she looked down at me when I requested she search for my size & decidedly declared that I was lucky to wear such a small size...nice try, honey...I thought...but I can never seem to find the shoes I covet in my size...no matter how you slice it...that's not luck.

In Macy's the display shoe happened to be a size 6. I waited till no one was looking...then threw off my shoe & tried it on. Oh, that damn shoe was lovely...but unfortunately, I looked like I was wearing my mother's shoes...I'd have to wear them with sweat socks to make them fit (not a great look...I assure you) OR I'd have to stuff them full if tissues (other people stuff other areas...why not shoes too?).

I ended up at Ann Taylor & found the most beautiful pair of retro looking shoes on sale. The display model was my exact size. I asked the salesgirl for the other shoes & walla...I was happy once again. I'll see if I can capture their beauty for HNT...I'll certainly try my best...you're gonna love 'em.


On another note, we got our first snow fall of any significance this weekend. Not enough for the snow blower...so we ended up shoveling. I went on a manic tear...I figured I needed the exercise. I did half the drive & all of mine & my neighbor's sidewalk...I was a shoveling machine. Later that day, the area above my right armpit hurt like hell...little shooting pains...ouch. For a slight second I got all nuts on myself...has I having a stroke? I didn't even connect the fact that I hurt because I'd shoveled earlier. Ever scare yourself completely...for about a second...like that...over nothing?

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