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Friday, December 23, 2005


Merry & Happy...

Dayuuuum...I missed a fine Half Nekkid Thursday...now didn't I? It could have been 'cuz I didn't want to show of my annual Christmas zit (that grew as the day progressed)...that's my story & I'm sticking to it. It's not a vanity thing, really, it isn't...I just didn't think you'd like to see this giant thing that kinda overtook me...it was gross. I tried in vain to cover it with concealer...but it ended up looking like an even bigger zit that was now caked with gunk...I'm telling you...it threatened to overtake me & cause my ultimate destruction. I was going to cover it with a bandaid...but who would I have been kidding?> > So I decided to celebrate it instead, I took it to lunch at a swanky restaurant (it ordered the soup du jour...as you can imagine...it was not the wisest of choices), Everyone I came into contact with it found it fascinating, they didn't look into my eyes when they spoke to me, they looked directly at this supercollosal thing that I'd brought along for the ride. I wanted to say...STOP LOOKING AT MY ZIT...I know it's distracting (like looking at a car wreck...or Paris Hilton's non existent but always in your face breasts)...you're drawn to look & can't seem to turn away.

Cut to today. I'm working from home, wrapping gifts, cleaning the house, making fudge, doing piles of laundry & generally enjoying the half-assed job of multitasking it takes to get it all done. More importantly, my zit friend has shrunk to down to the size of a small spud (1/8 the size it was yesterday) so it seems that things MAY be going in the right direction after all.

I hope that everyone out there has the nicest, most kick ass holiday time...I'm going to try my best to make mine not suck & generally banish all the zit inspiring stress that sometimes comes with it all (I'm in denial that fudge may cause zits...it's a sad world if this is true).

Have a Happy & Merry whatever you celebrate...

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