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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


More Shoe Madness

Why do new shoes make me so happy?

These are the shoes I ended up buying on Friday...not the one's I wanted...but I love them nonetheless.

They were on sale & only a half a size too big.

I may have a shoe sickness (obsession...does that sound better?) I'm not one to try to put a bow on mental illness & make it sound pretty.

My deranged distraction knows no bounds lately. I unwittingly inserted shoes into most of my conversations yesterday & I thought about it later & came to the conclusion that I may have a disorder.

In a morning meeting yesterday...I stared at the only other woman in the room's DKNY boots for half an hour...lust turned into craving...ok...maybe I was just itching to have them for my very own.

At the gym I asked the girl standing next to me in the locker room...where she got her little black slides...OMG...too cute with their little black tassels...no, I thought, I already have something like that (she got them at Banana Republic...I'm using my vast supplies of willpower to just stay away from that store for now)...but still...

On my way home I had a cell phone conversation with a cutie-loo who said that he had a presentation to make today. I came up with the wisdom for him to make sure that he wore nice shoes...as I hung up I thought...what the hell is wrong with me? Is it all about amusing myself...or do I truly have an affliction?

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