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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Stripped Down Shower

All this talk of showers got me to thinking about the only good shower (sort of) I've ever attended. We planned a baby shower for Eva...at the time...we were coworkers. Come to think of it, for someone who hates showers as truly much as I do, I've planned a helluva lot of the damn things.

As I was talking to Eva's Mom, talk turned to what would truly make a splash at the shower. A stripper...I blurted. Good thing Eva's Mom was a cool chick...'cuz she just thought that her daughter would totally dig that idea (& who wouldn't?).

Hate showers? Yeah, throw in a naked dancing man (or two) & things might just be looking up after all...& as luck would have it...another coworker stripped when he wasn't working with me (seriously, what a great way to make extra cash...if you got what it takes...& I assumed that he did).

The day of the shower came & much to my amusement...lots of attendees brought their small children. We surprised Eva & all was going dreadfully well (I could have been in a coma by this point...if I didn't know what was coming...that is). All of a sudden, the lights mysteriously dimmed & music filled the air. Out of nowhere, Victor (the young stripper in question) dances his way suggestively into view.. He grabs Eva & the two of them start boogying on down. Victor starts doing that whole...slide down her body thing...that strippers do...but he forgets to account for her large bump & finds himself with whiplash on the floor. We are all laughing as he gets up & starts dancing, smiling & (oh, by the way) removing his clothes.

This should be a requirement of all showers...Aunt Betty with the pacemaker would get a nice jump start out of some strutting, shimmying, naked flesh, I just know she would.

As one of the girls was leaving, I hear her 5 year old son ask her who that dancing man was...I lost it when she said...he was a clown...tell daddy that they had a dancing clown here today.

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