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Monday, January 23, 2006


Happy Monday

How bad could an evening be if your glass is never empty?
It could actually keep getting better as the drinks kept coming.
The evening started off when we followed bro & sis in law to So & so's sister's house.
It was at the end of a dirt road
(they weren't kidding when they said that Mapquest couldn't get us there).
The house didn't turn out to be big...
But it seemed to squeeze the life out of charming &
if you looked with concentration, the skyline of Manhattan
could be seen through the trees in the backyard.
I got out of the car & mentally got ready to move in & stay forever.

So & so's sis welcomed us into her home like Martha Stewart but
without the bitchy, self important, condescending attitude.
The first thing I noticed about the rooms? Color.
The woman had an awesome sense of color.
Everywhere I looked were warm greens, reds & mustardy yellows.
On the walls hung big, splashy, colorful paintings.
I wanted to turn around & go immediately home & start redecorating.

Bro in law got the festivities started with a bang by reading
descriptions of the wines we'd be tasting.
Instantaneously I was hit with an attack of the giggles.
(Hubby kicked me while trying to make a stern looking face
but I knew his patience with the whole thing would soon be gone).

I made it to the fourth wine before I started throwing around my wine words
like...complexity, crispness, something about nose & earthiness.
The more I drank, the more of a complete wine idiot I became.

Then came time for the dessert wines.
They were served with chocolates & that's when I lost all interest
in the wines & got stuck on the chocolates.

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