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Friday, January 06, 2006



I entered the ladies room ready to do what I had to do & get on with life (that's what women do...we don't take the entire Sunday New York Times in there with us to read...like I've seen other genders do...we just don't). I went into the first stall & out of the corner of my eye I noticed shoes in the next stall...ugly shoes. Fine, whatever, I'm cool with it all...but then I hear a voice coming from above the hideous shoes. At first I thought she was speaking to me (not really bathroom etiquette...but that's only a smallish break in the rules...if you ask me) then I began to realize that she was talking to someone in the stall with her...but like I said...only one pair of feet were visible...WTF?!

I started to panic & rush...till I realized no one was answering her...she was either an insane bitch or...she had a cell phone in there with her. Which do you think is worse? I'm not sure. As I stood at the sink getting ready to wash my hands...I heard my crazy bathroom companion blather on & on about spread sheets & marketing reports.

Think any of that could have...you know...like...waited till she was done DOING HER BUSINESS?! The person she was talking to had to have heard me flush....don't ya think? I'd be so pissed (exactly) if I were on the other end of the phone & I figured out how she was attempting to multitask.

I went back in & flushed three more times for good measure.

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