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Friday, January 20, 2006


Hubby & I got invited to a party.
It took a very long e-mail to explain the rules of the party.
I usually don't like parties that need explaining.
Must have been during a weak moment when I said...yes...to this thing:


Dear Chick & Hubby,

We would like to invite you to a wine tasting party.

Saturday, January 21st @ 7pm
at the home of so & so's sister
someone we don't actually know
(but I hear she has a big ol' impressive house).

There will be 18 people invited.
Each couple will be asked to bring 1 type of wine (2 bottles), not to exceed $15 per bottle & a snack to go with the food (i.e. cheese or dessert, etc.).

In order to avoid overlapping choices, we split the party into 3 groups of 3 couples each & assigned geographical regions. Each group will provide a white wine, red wine, & dessert/port wine from the geographic region assigned (Explain it to me slowly...with a straight face...'cuz you know...I'm an idiot...after all).

Our group must provide a wine from one of the following areas: (South America, South Africa).
The other groups will represent Central Europe (France, Italy, Germany) & the South Pacific (Australia, New Zealand).

Score cards will be provided so everyone can judge each wine (they're kidding, right?).

Should be really fun, taste some great wines, & mingle with fun people (can I get a score card to rate the people too, please? Now THAT would be FUN).

Please RSVP me ASAP (acronym me...baby).
Once you have actually purchased a wine, please let me know the following information so I can prepare a brief background card (I think a fucking spread sheet would be the way to go here...background card?! This might be too much for me to handle).

Bro in law


I'll let you know how it went if I survive it.
I'm feeling like an 80 year old accountant with pretentious wine tastes who sips wines, swirls them around in my mouth, then spits it out with a flourish & delivers condescending pronouncements about bouquet, fruitiness & complexity.

Snobby pants city...here I come...

...I may look something like this by the time the evening is finally over (let's hope it's from the wine & not the boredom).

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