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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I tried to watch this show a couple of nights ago. I'd seen one episode before & the plot seemed interesting. I thought the show was about a wife & mother who had a psychic gift. The show had a great dynamic between the husband & wife, they'd fight & solve problems in a real feeling way.

During the first three minutes of the episode I just almost watched the other night...a girl's car broke down at night on the side of the road (always a bad sign...I know...but I kept right on watching anyway)...the girl gets picked up by what appears to be a helpful female stranger (why not get in the car with her, right?) (here's fucking why)...who ends up zapping her with a stun gun (as if that's not completely bad enough) she then ties her to a chair in a dark basement, then starts carving patterns into her captive's face (IN THE FIRST 3 MINUTES?!).

At this point, my stomach seized up & I changed the channel...but I couldn't get that horrible image (or queasy feeling) out of my brain. I tossed & turned that night, trying to sleep, but that morbid, freaky image of the girl with the carved up face kept entering my dreams.

Why do people get into watching disturbing, creepy crap like this? Explain it to me (I'm so curious I could actually puke...no kidding)...because it must be popular...judging by the amount of scary, mutilated, carnage out there that's supposed to serve as entertainment.

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