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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


(OK...that's not me...or my kitchen...but I found it & it illustrates my story well...although I'm proud of myself for not actually fainting.)

As I was cleaning up from dinner last night...I opened the dishwasher & screamed. On the right side of the inside wall of the dishwasher was a colossal-super-sized spider. Ugh. He froze right where he was & so did I. He stood there considering me...I remained rooted to my petrified spot. Eeek...all that black, furry ugliness beaming up at me was just about too much to take in.

I know this is one of those irrational fears that shouldn't be given in to...but damn it...he had the element of surprise on his stinking side. I was tired & not fully functional...I'd had a long day...I wasn't in the mood for creepy crawly surprises...I just wasn't.

I jammed the fork that I was holding...into the dishwasher, slammed the door shut & pressed the fraidycatsissygirlbutton on the dishwasher...I've never used it before (I swear).

I'm sure he swirled about in there with the lone fork & all that hot (soapless...no time for soap) water. I'm hoping that he's a goner...because if he's not...he's going to be pissed for sure.

If I'm brave enough...I'll open it up when I get home & check for signs of fury & life in there.

Wish me luck.

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