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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Starting Off the New Year Right

What a wonderful charity.

Milagro (Miracle) is a charitable foundation started by The Carlos Santana Family. The foundation supports underrepresented & underprivileged children & youth in the areas of arts, education & health. But wait...it gets better...The Brown Shoe Company & Carlos Santana have worked together to bring you “Carlos by Carlos Santana” footwear.

The shoes reflect the same passion & energy that is generated by Santana’s music. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this footwear will be donated to the Milagro Foundation. Hold on one second...what was that? I can buy shoes AND donate to charity at the same freakin time? I think they might be on to something here...plus, the shoes are so funky & cool that someone like myself might (will) actually covet them.

”Carlos Santana is more than a name for the brand. Although Carlos does not design the footwear himself, he is part of the design process. The interpretation of the multi-cultural, colorful imagery that surrounds Santana’s music brings the shoes to life. Carlos is also involved through his Milagro Foundation, which benefits organizations around the world to assist children in the areas of arts, education & health. From each purchase of Carlos footwear, a portion is donated to the Milagro Foundation. www.milagrofoundation.org.”

Some of the grants given fund some pretty creative & awesome ideas:

  • Shoot Cameras Not Guns, an education project designed to use photography to speak about how they experience violence in their communities.

  • Provide professionally trained assistance dogs to children with disabilities nationwide.

  • A pre-school garden & nutrition program to combat obesity.

  • Provide grief counseling for children and youth who lose a parent. Also included is support for Camp Rainbow, a camp for grieving children.

  • In an effort to reach more under served populations, a mobile clinic, complete with a fully equipped exam room is staffed by volunteer Pediatricians, medical assistants, & interpreters.

  • So, which ones should I buy?

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