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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Good Grief...it's Valentine's Day?

Happy St. Valentine's Day.

As I've said before...
I don't want to be much of a fan of this forced down your throat holiday .
But I have to admit...I'm a little caught up in the fluff this year.
I gave Hubby a card & some funky heart pj bottoms.
He gave me...nothing...(but the day is still young?)

Would I trade mine in for a better model that gives me gifts?
For about an hour today...the answer would be yes...
But then I'd want the grumpyschlump I married back.

My friend J & I both met our future Hubbies at about the same time.
Hers would get her little lovey-dovey gifts constantly & for no reason at all.
Mine rarely got me "it's Tuesday & I love you so here's a stuffed bear in a tu tu" gifts.
I was jealous for about 3 minutes...
Till I realized that I'd have to take the whole package if I traded him in.
J's boyfriend was a little bit on the whinny side...
Would I want someone whinny even if he gave me gifts? Nah...


(My backyard with snow...)

Gotta love 2 feet of snow on a Sunday.
No where else to be except home with Hubby & a fire in the fireplace.
We snow blew the driveway (that's code for what?)...
Shoveled a bit...watched the Winter Olympics for hours.
Who knew that endless luge coverage could be so entertaining?
Those guys go over 85 mph on a sled...feet first on their backs...
(OK...so maybe I'm sports starved till baseball starts).
I go from instant excitement at watching downhill skiing to..."this is so lame"...
while watching someone called the flying tomato flip around wildly on a snowboard.
(Snowboarding? Um...not a sport...
Anything that involves big pants & graffiti does not get to be a sport).

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