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Friday, February 03, 2006


Last night as I was cleaning up from dinner (oh, the glamorous life I lead) I mentioned to Hubby that my sis had invited us over to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Without putting so much as two seconds of thought into it...he exploded on me. He shouted things like, "I don't want to drive a fucking hour to watch the game & get home late on a Sunday night" & "You go...but I'm staying home!" Then he went upstairs.

I stood there watching the water go down the drain in the kitchen sink. Maybe it's me, but I kinda like to bounce an idea around in my head for a bit...before I explode like an insane person. I guess I always knew that I married a hot head...but my only defense seems to be tears (sometimes being a girl sucks) or silence. I tried the whole...yell right back at him til the neighbors call the police thing...but nothing good ever came of that at all.

I don't understand someone's mood going from normal to through the roof insane in no time at all. I'm more of a slow simmerer. I'll swirl something around inside of my head for days before the anger comes out...but Hubby?...oh no...he'll scream & yell & throw things at the drop of a hat til I want to say to him, "save your energy...you're gonna need it when we make up."

He usually comes down from these madness highs sorta soon after the initial blowout & says that he's sorry...but by then the damage has been done & I'm left to just get over it (because sulking sucks...& happens to make him mad all over again...go figure...& being mad myself zaps my energy completely).

We are going to my sister's house on Sunday. Go Steelers.

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