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Friday, February 24, 2006


(Taken with my cell phone...before the saleslady chased me away)

I knew I'd regret going to the mall last night after work...
Yet I did it anyway.
I should have made a pit stop before leaving work.
(Drinking tea then driving anywhere always makes my bladder want to sing.)
I ran into the mall...had to run clear across the food court to reach the restrooms
Once I got there...
I discovered my coat zipper was stuck on my pants.
Took me 3.7 minutes to unjam myself
Then...sweet relief (I really was in some pain).

I'd come to the dreaded mall in search of a bathing suit for the summer
The whole time I was thinking...
I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a cheeseburger today...
On account of the fact that stores begin to sell swimwear in the winter
& by the time summer rolls around...they usually have nothing left
& who needs a bathing suit in February (unless you live at the beach...
& I'm just not THAT lucky)?

After searching the major department stores...
I found nothing that I even wanted to try on.
I think I'll take my search for the perfect suit online.

See that pic above?...tell me why...sweet Lord...
Oh why...do they think the Godiva chocolate
Belongs next to the bathing suits?!
I almost had a meltdown
What are they trying to do to me?!

I left the store before my head exploded.

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