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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


(This view gives me nightmares.)

I find I miss coming here...when I'm away for a while (Mondays just seem to be socking me in the gut lately & it's hard to think about writing anything with the air knocked out of you).

I spend my early hours at my dentist's office this morning (welcome to your day...now spit). He shot me up with novocaine & my heart began to race & my hands shook. I asked the doc why that happened (I almost panicked even) & he nonchalantly mentioned something about nerves being connected (don't worry...he said as I lost control of my limbs & kicked him in the crotch).

The left side of my body is numb now (ok...just my mouth is numb...but still) & all I've had to eat is yogurt. This might be making me somewhat crabby & cross today...or not...I haven't decided yet.

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