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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


How Was Your Long Weekend?

Is everyone starting the week with a vengeance? Not me...while I'm psyched that it's already Tuesday...I'm still sort of hanging loose from the weekend...sigh.

Didn't do much of consequence this long weekend...sort of celebrated the chance to breathe without many plans for once. You know when you're busy by choice & by other people's choices for about a billion weekends in a row...& it starts spilling out into your weeks too? Well, that's been the way it's been lately...but not this weekend.

Between all the other things that needed to get caught up on this weekend...we made time to go out to a posh restaurant (you know, the kind of restaurant that you usually save for an occasion or something...but this time I didn't feel like saving it...). I made Hubby pretty himself up (OMG...a tie was actually worn...gulp) & I got to wear my new favorite black strappy sandals (was it all an excuse just to wear them? nah.)

We dined on empanadas & steak (mine had the most wonderful avocado dressing on it...it was so good). We split a bottle of wine & the evening was off to a great start. The couple dinning across from us were odd though...the guy made a big deal about being cold...& when the host couldn't do much about it...he almost seemed to cry & try to put wife's sweater on...sorry, but I doubt I'd ever date anyone who could fit in my sweater (unless he had a cool profession like...jockey or something...even then..maybe not).

The best I could do today. Sorry for the aimless ramblings.

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