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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Squatter's Rights

This is an old pic of Johnny Damon (as a Redsox...damn it...he went to the dark side...but for an extra couple of million...what would you do? I'm not sure...myself). Anyway, see the catcher? I truly believe that's the most underrated position in baseball. They  have to squat like that for HOURS every game. Huh? How the hell do they do it?

I crouched in my garden like that while planting this weekend. It's Wednesday & my thighs still ache. I could have sat in the dirt...but I didn't want to get my ass dirty. How stupid was that?

The back of my thighs feel like someone took my muscles (which I didn't even know I actually had there...truly) & pulled them like taffy...then kept right on pulling. Pay me a few million bucks & sure...I'd crouch like that for a living...but damn...doing it for free sucks.

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