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Friday, May 19, 2006


What the Hell Was I Thinking?!

How lame-assed have I been lately? I'll answer that...what the hell was I thinking...staying away for so damn long? Geeeeeez. I missed you (I especially missed the one's who took the time to write & tell me they missed me back...you know who you are...you honeys).

That's a scarlet A...I'm no Hester Prim (I mean Prynne)...it's a chocolate A...because I've been away for so long...humor me...will you? Just this once? OK...I could totally ask again tomorrow...but still...

I know what you must be thinking...gee...thanks for coming back & being so utterly coherent...yeah...whatever.

OK...I explained the A part...but what about the chocolate part? Like I actually need an excuse to bring chocolate up. It was on my mind because I just went to a Starbuck's & they were making these sinful looking chocolate drinks. The girls behind the counter were laughing & dripping chocolate all over the place. I found myself mesmerized. I could not look away (I didn't even realize I was doing it). Um...they were wasting chocolate & it looked sooooo good. I said something about the crime of it all & how...maybe...they should lick the floor & not squander all that chocolate (but did I stop my insane rantings there...oh no...I let loose with something about it being a sin against nature & the inhumanity of it all)...they must have thought I was some kind of wacky religious zealot or something (& I am when it comes to my faith in the power of chocolate)...but they stopped anyway.

Other things getting me excited today? The new Apple Store is opening tonight. I'll try to make it to the opening for my free T & a chance to win a loaded MacBook...but who knows at this point.

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