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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Had a bad day at work today. I don’t really want to talk about it. I’ll just say that it was my fault for not communicating (or receiving communication) properly.

I called Dick on my way home (yeah, he’s still alive & well & still not posting...but what can you do?). He offered me such great support & advice that I can’t help but love him so. He hates when I put his shit on here (remember the days when he’d shit here himself?) so that’s all I’ll say about Dick & his pooping habits.

OK, I felt the need for alcohol on the way home (I really do see why so many people drown their troubles in alcohol...days like this make it craptastically clear...why more people aren’t doing it is totally beyond me today), so I stopped at the store & picked up some Coronas. What I really should have bought was vodka or something with a kick. The only thing stopping me from opening one up in the car immediately was the fact that I didn’t happen to have a bottle opener (getting stopped for drinking while driving seriously could not have made my day any worse). I did a shot of Irish whiskey at home after the Coronas failed to make my insides smile (or even grin).

Ah...but all was not lost...I had the pleasure of watching my Sox play well against the Mets (9-4 baby). Gotta love inter-league play. That’s 10 in a row if you’re counting along (& I am). Who’d have thought that the Sox would go 14 games without an error? Not what they used to be known for at all. Tomorrow it’s Pedro back at Fenway for the first time as a Met. He’s always fun to watch.

I hope your Wednesday is the opposite of my Tuesday.

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